Britain set for coldest week of autumn so far with snow set to fall

The Met Office has warned of an early winter chill this week, as temperatures are set to plummet across the country. 

The first half of November will see average temperatures for this time of year, but Bonfire Night could be particularly chilly and wrapping up warm is advised. 

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Weather forecast

November 1 to 7 is set to be the coldest of the autumn yet, as mercury continues to plummet and causes below average temperatures in the latter weeks of the month. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, "Just about anywhere could see a shower, but they will be most frequent and heaviest towards the north and west of the UK, around coasts in particular," explained Met Office meteorologist Aiden McGivern.

Southern and central England will experience the highest temperatures of around 11C to 12C, while Wales, Northern Ireland, the north of England and Scotland will struggle to hit low teens, with some parts of Scotland dropping as low as 9C.

On Thursday, the showers should have moved along and a dry, wintery spell is expected - meaning air and ground frost is increasingly likely. 

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Throughout the next few days, the cold spells could see the first snowy showers of the winter across higher inland, while rain will continue to hit the coast. 

Exacta Weather’s James Madden said: "We could start to see some significant snow events over higher ground.

"Looking to Bonfire Night and there will be a risk of widespread frosts as we get a taste of some early wintry conditions.

"We are about to see a change in the weather paving the way for cold and wintry end to autumn."

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By this weekend (6-7 November), clouds will move in and temperatures will stabilise while rain should also be expected. 

By the middle of November the snow is likely to really hit with WxCharts predicting eight inches of snow could fall and stay put with the icy temperatures.

Met Office UK forecast for the next 5 days


Temperatures slightly below average, chilly winds and cold conditions but brightening up in the afternoon. 

Isolated showers expected in some parts of the country. 


Showers continuing in some western fringes and also the northeast.

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Elsewhere any showers will be isolated, many areas dry with clear spells.

Frost and patchy fog, especially in the south.


Cloudier skies with showery rain affecting some eastern parts of England, some showers too in western fringes of UK.

Elsewhere mainly dry, some sunshine. Rather cold and breezy for many.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Mostly dry and bright, although showers are still likely in coastal areas.

Rural frost possible Thursday night in the south.

Progressively milder and wetter from the northwest later in the week.