Brits are so obsessed with gravy they drink it through straws - and even pour it over pizza and pasta

The poll of 2,000 adults found 73 per cent are fans of the brown stuff and typically enjoy it three times a week.

But consumption is not confined to the home, with 13 per cent eating it in the car, 11 per cent carrying it in a flask, and 14 per cent even taking it on holiday.

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Nearly a third (32 per cent) claimed they’d rather have gravy than a pint of beer, 29 per cent would opt for it over a glass of wine, and one in five would choose it instead of chocolate.

One in 10 put it on ‘everything’, with 11 per cent having it on a pizza and 10 per cent opting to top pasta with it.

Other unusual applications include pouring it over pancakes (six per cent), cereal (five per cent), jacket potatoes (nine per cent), hash browns (seven per cent) and rice (seven per cent).

Oxonians are the nation's biggest gravy-lovers

The research, commissioned by Schwartz to celebrate the launch of its new Signature Gravy, also found the top dishes to enjoy with gravy are roast meats – beef (48 per cent), chicken (48 per cent) and turkey (45 per cent).

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These are followed by Yorkshire pudding and sausage or pie with mash.

A fifth of adults are in team ‘chips with gravy’, while 12 per cent enjoy it with fried chicken.

A spokesperson from Schwartz said: “The extent of the nation’s love of gravy goes far beyond traditional combinations, with people enjoying gravy with salad and mac and cheese and even cereal.

“Regionally there have always been differences when it comes to gravy preferences, and chips and gravy is one of the biggest food debates.

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“But clearly, one thing everyone agrees on is that you can’t have a roast dinner, mashed potato or Yorkshire pud without a splash of gravy."

Going against the longstanding assumption that northerners are the biggest gravy advocates, Oxford was revealed as the UK’s gravy capital, with 41 per cent of residents claiming to ‘love’ it.

In fact, Oxonians love gravy so much that 26 per cent tuck into meals with gravy more than 10 times per week.

Manchester (40 per cent) residents are the UK’s second biggest gravy lovers, followed by Londoners (39 per cent).

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The British staple

The research also found 27 per cent of all adults have been known to ask for extra gravy when dining out, 21 per cent have eaten it with a spoon, and 14 per cent have even taken their own mix on holiday.

Leftover sauce on a plate is likely to be wiped up with bread by 37 per cent, and 23 per cent will tip their plate and slurp up the rest to avoid waste.

It also emerged 42 per cent see gravy as a British staple, while 34 per cent think it’s a comfort food.

While for 28 per cent, one of their favourite things about the colder season is having meals with gravy, with the sauce making people feel homely (42 per cent), comfortable (42 per cent) and warm (39 per cent).

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The study, carried out via OnePoll, also found 29 per cent of those polled claim they can confidently tell the difference between tastes of various gravy brands.

Top 40 foods brits enjoy with gravy

  1. Roast beef
  2. Roast chicken
  3. Roast turkey
  4. Yorkshire pudding
  5. Sausage and mash
  6. Pie and mash
  7. Roast lamb
  8. Roast pork
  9. Toad in the hole
  10. Cottage pie
  11. Lamb chops
  12. Beef brisket
  13. Pork chops
  14. Casserole
  15. Roast duck
  16. Chips
  17. Steak
  18. Meatballs
  19. Pulled pork
  20. Nut Roast
  21. Beef stroganoff
  22. Fried chicken
  23. Jacket potato
  24. Onion rings
  25. Sliced white bread
  26. Hash browns
  27. Pizza
  28. Poutine
  29. Rice
  30. Burgers
  31. Curry
  32. Pancakes
  33. Salad
  34. Mac and cheese
  35. Sandwiches
  36. Breadsticks
  37. Pasta
  38. Biscuits
  39. Cereal
  40. Cake