Look forward to New Year and new healthy eating regime

Simple and healthy foodSimple and healthy food
Simple and healthy food

This is the Wright side of life

After Christmas is over, I like to have a clean sweep of my leftovers and get them all used up before the New Year, writes Karen Wright.

After all the excess food and drink it is the perfect time to fill the fridge and cupboards with simple healthy food.

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Make 2022 year to have a healthy diet (photo: Shutterstock)Make 2022 year to have a healthy diet (photo: Shutterstock)
Make 2022 year to have a healthy diet (photo: Shutterstock)

Just looking at this photograph inspired me to start my New Year regime. Fortunately, I really love fruit and vegetables and never have a problem eating my five a day but sometimes I lose the real benefits by cooking with butter, cream, and cheese.

Although those dairy products are both delicious and nutritious, I like to simplify my recipes to reduce calories a bit and keep everything quite basic.

I don’t make New Year's resolutions, but I do try to make a few decisions at this time of year. It is a fantastic opportunity to reset and focus our lives.

I am going to start January by figuring out which way I want to go developing my work and of course eating a healthy and balanced diet.

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In January I am booked to do some filming with Channel 5, this time cooking in my caravan, so the angle for that will be one pot dishes but ensuring they are exciting and full of flavour.

In February it is Rhubarb time here in our triangle and I am booked to work at our very own festival. So, I have plenty of things to keep me out of mischief and busy in the kitchen.

January is also Veganuary when we try to incorporate as many plant-based meals into our diet.

All the obvious things are vegan, fruit and vegetables, but also nuts, rice, pasta, oils, tofu, tempeh, lentils, and pulses.

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I also try to stick to a wholefood diet and by checking the back of packets and tins if there are less than five ingredients it is one for my shopping trolley.

So now I am all set and keen to get back on track, I would like to wish you all an incredibly Happy New year and look forward to sharing recipes in 2022.