Property renters are seeing the light in search for ‘lawn allure’

UK renters are seeing the light as demand for Vitamin D overtakes desire for traditional appeal, say property experts.

In London traditional ‘curb appeal’ has been replaced by ‘lawn allure as’ searches for properties with outdoor space have gone through the roof since lockdown, according to a virtual rental platform.

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Searches for properties with a garden were up 193 per cent on video-first rental app Movebubble, compared to the week before lockdown - highlighting renters’ newfound appreciation for the need to have access to the outdoors.

Internal data of over 700,000 users comparing week 16 (w/c March 16), to week 19 (w/c May 4), reveals the appetite for terraces has also leapt by 204 per cent, shining a light on how Britons are now placing a new found importance on access to Vitamin D when searching for a new place to call home.

A surge in searches for properties with bike storage, up 1500 per cent over the same period since mid-March also emerged, further reflecting this greater appreciation of the outdoors with a demand for mobility amid concerns about catching coronavirus on public transport.

Aidan Rushby, CEO of Movebubble, commented: “Weeks of uncertainty and restricted hours outdoors have forced people to reassess what they really want from their home.

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“While traditionally, many would be willing to forgo an outdoor space in favour of a larger kitchen, we are now seeing the opposite trend emerge”.

Continued Aidan: “Since the lockdown came into effect, not only have we seen behaviour rapidly adapting to Home Walkthrough video viewings, but we can also see a pattern of desires coming to light in the search for a new home.

“These include the need for additional space in the form of bike storage - so people can travel safely and minimize the need for public transport.”

If you’re lusting after some much needed greenery, then we have rounded up the most sought-after alfresco properties that everyone’s been looking at since lockdown started to relax.

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