These are the areas with the smartest students in England

A new study reveals the brainiest areas in England with York taking the top spot.

The research by puzzles experts SudokuCraze analysed level 8 attainment rates for GCSE and A-Level exams in every local authority.

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York is first on the list

York came first as the brainiest area in England. York had the highest percentage of people with a higher education degree. 59.3% of residents having a degree.

The second brainiest area in England is Wokingham. Trafford comes in as the third brainiest area of England. A total of 60.16% percent of GCSE and A-Level takers in the area passed with a level 8 or higher – the highest percentage of any area in England.

Reading takes fourth place

Reading ranks as the fourth brainiest area in England. When broken down, Reading has the sixth highest rate of its exam takers attaining a level 8 or higher.

In fifth place is the capital, London. (pictured below)

London ranks second when it comes to the percentage of its population with higher education degrees at 58.75%.

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Milton Keynes is the sixth brainiest area in England. The town has the second highest percentage of exam takers achieving a level 8 or higher at 59.05%. However, Milton Keynes misses out on the top ten with 47.5% of the population having a degree.

The seventh brainiest area in England is Windsor. When broken down, 58.6% of Windsor’s population have a higher education degree – the third highest rate of any area in England. Bath ranks as the eighth brainiest area in England as a result of the ninth highest percentage of exam takers achieving a level 8 or higher in their GCSE or A-Level exams at 54.96%.

Surrey is last on the list

Surrey is the ninth brainiest area with 54.4% of its population obtaining a higher education degree whilst Hertfordshire ranks tenth. The area also has the tenth highest percentage of students achieving a level 8 or higher in their exams at 54.79%.

A spokesperson for SudokuCraze commented on the findings: “Since the pandemic began, there have been numerous setbacks to education and exams.

However, these findings highlight the areas in England that have surpassed the national average and are indeed the brainiest areas in the country.”