You could get a job selling books on a desert island in the Maldives - here's how to apply

Previous job ads for the position have attracted thousands of applicants (Photo: Shutterstock)Previous job ads for the position have attracted thousands of applicants (Photo: Shutterstock)
Previous job ads for the position have attracted thousands of applicants (Photo: Shutterstock)

Are you a book lover with a desire to run away from it all? Believe it or not, the Maldives has the perfect job opportunity for you.

A luxury resort in the Maldives is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for a live-in "barefoot" bookseller to work in a small book shop on the private island.

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Soneva Fushi, an eco resort on Kunfunadhoo Island, has employed three "barefoot booksellers" since 2018, with previous job ads attracting thousands of applicants from all over the world.

“Last time we had everybody from the White House press corps to film directors, lawyers, IT managers, beach poets, retired librarians,” said Philip Blackwell, the CEO of Ultimate Library, which runs the bookshop in conjunction with the resort and provides library collections for other holiday destinations around the world.

When can I start?

The contract begins from next month, running from October until after Easter 2021, and is likely to attract a similarly high volume of applicants once again - especially as the Maldives is currently virtually coronavirus-free.

“The Maldives is pretty much Covid-free and the resort that we operate with has its own medical centre, and strict and rigorous testing procedures, so it’s a very safe place to be. They’re expecting people to come and we are minded to take the punt to reopen our bookshop and see what passing trade comes our way,” said Blackwell.

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What are the requirements?

Applicants should possess “excellent written and verbal English skills; a lively tone of voice to write entertaining blogs and newsletters that capture the exhilarating life of a desert island bookseller, and the skills to host workshops and events”, as well as “a can-do attitude with a strong understanding of working independently."

Job training will be carried out remotely before the lucky candidate flies out to the Maldives.

“They’ll have sand between their toes rather than slush between their feet, and the chance to really test themselves,” said Blackwell.

"What works best is somebody with bookselling experience. They’ve got to love people and selling books, and they’ve got to know about books. They’ve also got to be adventurous because this is not for somebody to sit in a bookshop eight hours a day, this is for people to get out there, engage with guests and help people on their reading journey, because reading for pleasure is a muscle that, like any other muscle in the body, is traditionally under-used until people go on holiday", he added.

The opening closes on 30 September 2020, and anyone interested can apply for the position by following this link.

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