Best light-up presents for kids - bring brightness and colour to all children’s play

The best children’s light-up toysThe best children’s light-up toys
The best children’s light-up toys | Shutterstock

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Toys are an important part of play for children, and light-up toys are some of the very best

They aren’t just fun, they also stimulate all of their senses. They are extremely enjoyable but they are also educational and help them to learn and improve their skills.

Kids love bright lights and patterns, and so the bright aura emitted by light-up toys will grab their attention, hold their focus and make them happy.

Some of the toys require pressing the button for a limited period or the lights go off. Learning this will improves the reflex action of your little one as they learn they need to keep pressing the button to see the shiny lights they adore.

There are a wide variety of children’s toys; they come in different shapes, sizes, features, and uses - but they all stimulation of your child’s cognitive development.

Below is our pick of the top light-up seven toys for children of all ages.


Bring some fun and brightness to bath time with this disco colour changing bath light.

You won’t need to encourage your kids to take their bath again when this toy is involved.

It will float on the water, but does include a suction cup if you want to attach it to your bathtub.

They can have their own disco while they get clean. You might even want to borrow it for your bath too.


Captivate dinosaur lovers of all ages with this light-up toy.

The tail and wing of dinosaur can swing up and down with realistic roaring.

This toy can also walk steadily and LED lights provide a colourful flash across the dinosaur’s horns and tongue.

Children can enjoy a Jurassic journey with movement, light and sound with this toy, which is available in multiple designs.

Prices start at £19.99.


These great flashing kids wands come with three settings; fade, strobe and sequential.

Each one comes complete with replaceable batteries and are great fairy wands for girls and boys alike.

This is a perfect addition to a huge variety of fancy dress outfits, including Including fairy, princess or wizard.


Wannabe musicians will love this light-up guitar.

It’s the perfect toy for little ones to introduce them to the world of music and get them experimenting with sound.

Each of the five buttons on the neck of the guitar light up and let kids jam to the musical melodies so there’s plenty for them to enjoy.

It won’t just be the toy itself lighting up when little ones play with this, it will be their faces too.

Suitable for children aged two plus.

The Entertainer

This brilliant bear loves to light up your little bedroom - and will soon have a special place in their heart.

All the little ones have to do is squeeze this snuggle buddy’s paw to make him glow!

It’s the perfect bedtime and day time companion, and will light up red, blue, green or yellow.

This toy comes with multi coloured LED lights and an automatic cut off after five minutes so you can be sure your little one is safe.

A great gift for ages three and up.

The Entertainer

They can perfect their drawing skills with this fun light-up drawing board.

It’s designed so they can compete with your friends and family to see who is the best at sketching using this 3D drawing board which offers a fun challenge for children (and big kids too).

The board lights up and provides the ideal way for the whole family to get involved in a game this festive season.

Each Light-Up Get Set Sketch set contains a drawing board, pen, timer, playing cards and rolling dice.

Suitable for children aged five years and over.

The Entertainer

Children can imagine their own roleplay duels with this ightsaber, featuring extendable light-up blades and electronic sound effects inspired by the Star Wars Galaxy.

It features character-inspired design and deco and is compatible across the entire Lightsaber Forge line so little ones can mix and match and create their own combinations if they have more toys in this range - but even if they don’t this toy is fantastic in its own right.

Suitable for ages four and over.

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