A busy week at the Stornoway Bridge Club

Pictured are the handicap winners Colin Scott and Bryan Harris.
Pictured are the handicap winners Colin Scott and Bryan Harris.
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Last week the Bridge Club played their annual pairs handicap competition.

The couple with the highest handicap were Stewart and NL MacDonald with Janet Smith and Rita MacDonald close behind, they needed to have an exceptional night to feature in the top three.

The handicap is supposed to even the odds and by jiminy that happened on Tuesday!

Colin Scott and Bryan Harris had a great evening and a fantastic top on board 27. North opened 1H which East then doubled, North foolishly passed (assuming West would take out the double) only for North to be left in a contract with East sitting with six hearts!

Irene MacKenzie and Harris MacKenzie also had a good evening and a magnificent top on board 21. They were the only pair to bid and make 3NT, played beautifully by Harris.

Sylvia Taylor and Iris Stewart shone on boards 16, 17 and 18 taking three tops in succession.

Their opponents must have been gutted when their contract of 5D (making) failed to give them a top as everyone else was in a Slam bid.

Board 23 bought success to John Drummond and John Murdo MacLean. Once again it was a 1Hx contract that proved to be the winner as John made an overtrick and took a top.

Whilst a quarter of the pairs managed to find 1 slam Rita MacDonald and Janet Smith found and made 2 slams on boards 18 and 22.

They bid 6NT which Janet played and which gave them two of their five tops.

Stewart and NL, entering the competition as this years current ‘pair in form’, fought a good fight and after the handicap was applied were in third place with 53%

In second place with a score of 56% were Harris and Irene and in first place with a magnificent score of 63% were Colin and Bryan.

Then at the weekend the Club met again for the Christmas Bonanza.

There was a session of play in the afternoon where five and half tables were in action.

Callum Morrison partnered Ken MacDonald and Pat and Alice Read joined them together with Mike and Susie Norman. There was a great turn out and some chocolate prizes for each round.

Following more than three hours of Bridge there was a short break and then the Club re-convened for a Christmas feast laid on by the Golf Club. Once again it was a fantastic spread and everyone had a great evening.

There was a presentation towards the end of the meal and the winners were announced and presented with chocolates and a Cup.

Congratulations to Janet Smith and Rita Macdonald who just made 1st place with a score of 61.88%

In second place and missing out on top spot by a mere trick were Mike and Susie with 61.25%

In third place with 58.75% and a small slam were Pat and Alice.