All to play for in the Clansman Trophy

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Last week the Bridge Club played for the Clansman Trophy.

Last year’s winners were Liz Carmicheal and Jimmy Ogilvie, but this week Jimmy was partnered with John Drummond, as Liz was on holiday.

Jean MacLeod and Derek MacKenzie were back in action again, but with several others not available, there were only seven pairs competing.

Still they managed to play 28 boards and finish in good time.

Of course each board was only played thee times. but it was amazing to see how many ended up at 50%.

There are some boards that are worthy of note though. Board 13 with the points distributed 20 – 20, South (with 16 points) needed a huge leap of faith to bid to game.

Well done Iris Stewart who not only bid 5C but made the contract with an overtrick.

Rita MacDonald and Janet Smith also bid bravely on board 5, they had 23 points but their bidding took them to 6S which Janet played with success. Jenny Morrison and Gerda Graauwmans enjoyed playing board 7, they were the only pair to bid and make 3NT, and there was added pleasure because it was against Norah MacDonald and Murdo Kennedy, who had played so well against them last week.

Well done too to Jean and Derek who were the only pair to make an overtrick on board 6.

So, the winners of the clansman Trophy were Sylvia and Iris with a total of 58.33% - they made 2 slams and took 10 tops.

In joint second place were Rita and Janet, Derek and Jean and Gerda and Jenny with a total of 55.21% - amazing!

Next week the Club hold the second of this season’s SBU competitions and the final Tuesday of the month, October 29th is the Cancer Research Charity Evening.

Once again, the invitation is extended to any Bridge player to come along and have some fun and help raise money for this very worthwhile cause.