Angling - looking to cast into new waters in 2016 after sub-par year

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2015 was a below average season as far as freshwater fishing was concerned. It started cold and wet and finished cold and wet.

It was “rain in between the showers” as far as the summer weather went.

The cold weather kept down any serious fly hatches throughout the season and without flies fly fishermen struggle to tempt their prey to the surface.

However some decent fish were caught!

Calum Stewart’s 8lb 4oz fish from the Obbe fishery on the Stornoway Angling Club day out in April was one of the highlights of the season as far as brown trout specimens are concerned.

Who said 13 was an unlucky number? Certainly not for Brian Davis, who got the salmon season off to a great start with a cracking 13lb Grimersta Springer on the 13th of May!

Just to prove fishing is not just a man’s sport, Irene Macleod caught her first Springer on the Garynahine Blackwater river on May 16th.

Robbie Bell continued to build up our hopes for a good salmon season with a 12lb bar of silver on Loch Barvas on June 3rd.

Then shared 15lb, 13lb and 9lb fish with Norman Duncan on the 24th June.

With a fairly good Spring fishing in May and June we were all hoping for a decent salmon grilse run in July and August but alas it just never happened. The fish never turned up anywhere in great numbers and the season fizzled out without a decent summer salmon run.

The exception maybe being the Creed system with a slightly better than average return of fish.

But there is always an exception to the rule and Norman Graham finished with a spectacular last day, landing seven salmon grilse from the Stornoway Angling Association’s boat on Loch Langabhat during October 15th.

Thanks to Robbie Bell for all the pictures during the season.

Tightlines to all for 2016!

Pictured is Calum Stewart with an 8lb 40z brown trout.