At the oche in the Hebridean Breweries Cup

Hebridean Breweries Cup

Wednesday 8th January saw enough recovery time for the team competition in the Sea Angling Club. The opening game saw a Sea Angling derby game as the B Team took on the A Team. The singles games were a best of 3 games and the A Team didn’t lose a leg as Rory (125, 106, 100 x 2) beat Ted(121. 100), Don (140, 106) beat JP, Sam (117) beat Babz, Willie Reid (115, 100) beat Gordon Mopp and Alex Keiller (100 x 5) beat Davie.  All winners winning 2 – 0.  One point of note was Willie Reid’s 115 checkout hitting 25, T18 and D18. With the score at 5 -0 to the A Team, there was no need for trebles or doubles.

The second game was a little more competitive as the Jack Sparrows took on the Legion. The opener saw Iain “Beastie” MacLeod take on Mairianne and winning 2 -  0. Dan from the Legion then beat Stephen 2 – 1 and Murdo Alex for the Sparrows beat Kenny Duncan 2 – 0. Terry “Lewis” Pearce replied for the Legion beating Amanda 2 – 0. Ian Leitch also won 2 – 0 for the Legion, having no opponent. The trebles went to the Sparrows as Murdo A., Stephen and Amanda beat Dan, Beastie and Terry. 4 – 2 going into the doubles meant it could go to either team. Dan and Kenny took the first doubles game for the Legion then Murdo A. and Stephen pulled one back for the Sparrows beating Terry and Iain to make the final result 5 – 3 to take the Legion through.

Game 3 had Ness take on the Golf Club. It opened with Iain MacLean (125, 121, 100) beat Alan MacKinnon 2 -1, with Ian finishing the second game with a 100 finish on the bull. Alan MacDonald (128, 125) took on John Norman Murray in the second game and again the game went to the Ness side winning 2 – 1. John N. took the second leg with a 66 finish hitting 16, bull. Sander Peck lost 2 -0 to Calum “Haggis” MacLeod to make it 3 – 0 to Ness. Phil Frieslier pulled one back for the Golf Club beating Charlie MacLeod 2 – 0. Stewart Campbell took the final singles game 2 – 0 as the Goilf Club only had a team of four. Thanks to Phil’s victory for the Golf Club the score stood at 4 – 1 so it all depended on the trebles. Iain M. Haggis and Stewart beat Phil, John N. and Allan to avoid the necessity of the doubles games.

Due to the Rangers Club not fielding a team, it was a bye for the All Stars who now had to face the A Team. The first leg went well for the A Team with Rory (125 x 2, 116, 100) winning with his 116 finish hitting T20, 16 D20 against Alex M.(123, 121, 100 x 2) who then took the next two legs to come out winner with a score of 3 – 1. Don (140, 100 x 3) replied for the A Team, beating Murdo Mac (100 x 2) 2 – 1 after Murdo had taken the first leg. Sam (140, 100) took the third game against Dave 2 – 0 to make it 2 – 0 to the A Team. Willie Reid (133, 100) continued to win for the A Team, beating Finlay (140, 100) 2 – 0.  Alex Keiller (140, 100 x 4) took the final singles game for the A Team 2 – 1 against Jamie (140). At 4 – 1 going into the trebles, the All Stars had it all to play for if they wanted to continue. Alex M., Jamie and Finlay (100) pulled off a victory in the trebles against Rory, Don (100) and Alex K. to force the game into the doubles. It only took one doubles game for the A Team as Rory (100) and Willie Reid (121) beat Alex M. (100) and Finlay to make it 5 – 2 for the A Team.

The second Semi-final saw Ness take on the Legion. The first game saw Haggis (105, 100)beat the Legion’s Beastie 2 – 0. Iain Leitch replied for the Legion beating Ian C. 2 – 1. Kenny Duncan (100) continued for the Legion beating Stuart (140) 2 -1. Iain MacLean (140, 125) pulled one back for Ness beating Terry 2 – 0. Dan made it 3 – 2 to the Legion beating Alan 2 v- 0. Ness made it 3 – 3 by winning the trebles as Haggis, Ian MacLean and Ian Charlie beat Iain Leitch, Dan and Kenny. The doubles games were left to decide which team would make the final. As we say in darts it went right to the wire with Ian MacLean and Alan beating Iain Leitch and Dan and Terry and Kenny beating Haggis and Ian Charlie to make it 4 – 4. This meant a 1001 decider was required which was won by the Legion.

The final saw the Sea Angling A Team take on the Legion. In what turned out to be a bit of a one-sided match the A Team came out cup holders winning 5 – 0 after just the singles games. Rory (140, 100) beat Dan (140, 125) 2 – 0 managing a 94 checkout hitting T18, 20 D10. Don (140. 100) beat Iain Leitch ((140, 100) 2 – 1. Sam (125, 100) beat Kenny (100 x 2) 2 – 0. Willie Reid (140) beat Terry (100) 2 – 0 managing a 98 checkout in the second leg hitting T20 D19. The Final singles game went 2 – 1 to Alex K.(140, 100 x 3) against Beastie (121, 103). Alex finished the first leg hitting 10, 14, bull for a 74 checkout.

Well done to the A Team on winning the year’s first trophy.

Upcoming fixtures:

League Games Wednesday 22nd January

Sea Ang A vs RSC

Legion vs Sea Ang B

Golf Club vs All Stars

Jack Sparrows vs Ness

Western Isles Darts Festival 2014 Monday 27th January – Saturday 1st February.