Hebridean Boot Camp 2015

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See this week’s Stornoway Gazette for a special two-page feature on Gazette reporter Eric Mackinnon joining 40 fellow new recruits to take on Hebridean Bootcamp 2015.

At a time of the morning when the most strenuous form of excersie most people embark on is extending a fist for clobbering time on a bedside alarm clock or tipping a box of Frosties into a cereal bowl, I was limbering up to take on Hebridean Bootcamp 2015

Half-way through my first session at Hebridean Bootcamp I took a long look at the white t-shirt I was wearing and contemplated removing it to wave above my head as a white flag of surrender.

With my legs burning as I galloped full pelt between two stations in the Lews Castle Grounds I wondered what had I let myself in for by pledging six weeks of early mornings to the mercy of Norrie Mackenzie and Danni Wiseman.

But by the end of the six-weeks I felt fitter and stronger, and my measurements showed how far I had come in just 18-sessions it was all proved worth it.

Bootcamps have become a hugely popular fitness trend nationwide and we in the Hebrides are no different with the ever-evolving Fitness Studio SY providing a pair of annual bootcamp programmes for islanders.

With a programme carefully crafted by owner, and multi title winning Thai Boxing Champion Norrie Mackenzie, fitness instructor Danni Wiseman, and all backed up with expert dietician advice and a specialist yoga instructor, the Hebridean bootcamp has shot to the top of the wishlists of anybody plotting a fitness kickstart.

Several outdoor sessions in the picturesque settings of the Lews Castle Grounds, Traigh Mhor or around the Cabarfeidh Hotel are twinned with indoor sessions predominately only using your own body weight, without the use of exercise machines normally associated with gym visits.

With a Thai Boxing Champ as your instructor there is of course a generous sprinkling of the ‘art of the eight limbs.’

See this week’s Gazette to read the rest of the report. On sale now.