Officials/Assistants/Volunteers required for SRAC Open Grade Track and Field Meeting

Our Open Grade T&F meeting is taking place next Saturday (18 April) and as always the club needs folk to help with officiating.

The meeting gives Western Isles athletes the opportunity to gauge early season form. Could you let me know whether you are available? Don’t be concerned about a lack of experience, there will be plenty of folk to show folk what to do.

Registration opens at 9:45am and the first events get underway at 10:30am so we need officials/assistants to be at the track from 10:00am to set up and familiarise themselves with their tasks.

A lunchbreak is scheduled between 12:40pm and 1:30pm (approximately) and the meeting should be finished by 3:30pm.

Tasks that need to be covered include:

Timekeeping Team – Duties include pressing buttons on a stop watch! OK a little more to it than that but our lead timekeeper will keep you right.

Spotting Team – Duties include noting the order of athletes as they cross the finish line. Good eye/athlete/finish line coordination required.

Photofinish Team – Duties include looking at pictures on a computer and moving a mouse about a bit in a warm and dry hut.

Track Judges – Tasks include watching for infringements (e.g. running out of lane), marshalling athletes at the finish, adjusting hurdles etc.

Long Jump (Two pits) – Duties include raking, measuring and athlete management (at least 3 folk required per pit).

High Jump – Duties include adjusting the bar, lying down on the crash pad, recording heights (at least 2 folk required).

Throw Team (Javelin & Shot Put) – Duties include measuring, athlete management, blowing a hooter, collecting thrown implements (at least 3 folk required).

If you can help then let me know by either emailing me at or responding to this poll at .

A final timetable will be published on the club web-site a few days after the entry deadline (Tuesday 14 April) has passed. If you are juggling commitments and can only spare a couple of hours just let me know when you will be available and organisers can work around that.