Battling for the Betty Rodgers Shield

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LAST Tuesday night the Stornoway Bridge Club met for the Betty Rodgers Competition.

The holders were Ken MacDonald and Dave Gormley but as Dave was away there was the guarantee of two new names on the trophy.

There were quite a few other faces missing but the group still managed 4 ½ tables and Ken partnered John Drummond and Janet Smith and was available again to partner Rita MacDonald.

The rest of goup had their usual partners and with the help of the timer they easily managed 27 boards.

Board 6 was universally bid to 4H and congratulations to Henk Graauwmans and Isabel Robertson who were the only pair to make two overtricks.

Board 14 was also interesting in that there was a slam on offer making 990, but Jenny Morrison and Gerda Graauwmans doubled a 2S contract which went five light making 1,100 – who said Bridge was fair?

However, they got their comeuppance on board six when NL MacDonald doubled their 2C contract which went four light!

Liz Carmichael and Jimmy Ogilvie and Stewart Macdonald and NL MacDonald managed a slam apiece, but this wasn’t enough to put them in a winning position.

The winners on the night were Jean MacLeod and Derek MacKenzie. Despite the fact that they felt they hadn’t been at their best they ended up with 63.19% and seven tops.

In close second and a mere whisker away with 62.50% were Rita and Janet and in third place were Norah MacDonald and Murdo Kennedy with 55.56%

Last week a computer glitch meant that the list of winners from Ness was incorrect.

Congratulations to Sylvia Taylor who came third and hadn’t been listed (behind Jimmy Ogilvie and Ken MacDonald).

The photo is also taken from last week’s competitions and shows the cheque for £226 for Cancer Research being presented to the outgoing holders of the Charity Cup Stewart and NL MacDonald by Club President and Treasurer Gerda and Henk Graauwmans.