Bobby Allan SBU Competition

Jean and Ross
Jean and Ross

Last week the Bridge Club reconvened for the Bobby Allan Mixed Pairs Competition. There wasn’t a huge turn out this year but there was still 3 ½ tables. It was a mix of established and new partnerships, Ross Woodburn and Jean MacLeod made a rare but welcome appearance. Jenny Morrison played with Dave Gormley, Henk Graauwmans with Gerda Graauwmans, Mike Norman partnered Iris Stewart and Sylvia Taylor joined forces with Colin Scott. The established pairs were Irene MacKenzie and Harris MacKenzie and Jimmy Ogilvie and Liz Carmichael and of course Ross and Jean.

Once the results are gathered from across Scotland it will be interesting to see how the Club fared but locally it was a very good night for Ross and Jean. They had a great evening with 10 tops and the only couple to do them significant damage was Iris and Mike. They finished the evening with 67 match points.

In second place were Mike and Iris. They were the only pair to find the slam on board 17. And what a hand it was, south is dealt with 9 diamonds (no more complaints about my deals please!) They ended with evening with 57 match points.

In third place were Dave and Jenny. They were pretty balanced all evening and considering they only play together once a year it was a fine result. They finished with 56 match points.