Bridge - Betty Rodgers Shield

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Last week at the Stornoway Bridge Club the winners blasted their way to the top with a fantastic evening of play.

They only had one bottom (against Norah MacDonald and Murdo Kennedy on board 25) and dominated the field ending the night with an impressive 110 master points.

Congratulations to Dave Gormley and Ken MacDonald, who clearly haven’t lost their edge by being apart for almost six weeks.

Norman MacDonald and Stewart MacDonald put up a good fight but were some way off the leaders. They were the only pair to find the slam on board 15 and it was played majestically by Norman. They just managed to squeeze into 2nd place with 89 points as there were 2 couples nipping at their heels with 88 points.

The two pairs in joint third were Rita MacDonald and Janet Smith and Norah MacDonald and Murdo Kennedy. They both managed to find a slam on board 11, with Rita and Janet playing in 6C and Norah and Murdo playing in 6NT.

Pictured are winners Dave Gormley and Ken MacDonald