Bridge Club notes

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On Tuesday 3rd November the Bridge Club competed for the Golf Club Trophy. There were some very challenging boards with some dodgy doubles and plenty of laughs.

Dave Gormley graciously withdrew from the competition to allow us to play a pairs and this left us with 4 ½ tables and a 27 board movement.

In 3rd place this week were Mike Norman and Iris Stewart who had another good night. Mike particularly enjoyed board 22 which was a 4CX contract which he gloriously made and Iris had a magnificent slam bid on board 24 which she played to perfection, even making an overtrick.

They were the only pair to bid to slam on board 17 too and again Iris played a blinder and got another overtrick in 6S.

In 2nd place were Liz Carmichael and Ken MacDonald (a first pairing for them this season). There was a bit of sibling rivalry on boards 13, 14 and 15 and of course Liz had the upper hand because she is so familiar with Jimmy Ogilvie’s play. They showed no mercy!

The winning pair had a great evening with only 2tops taken against them by Gerda Graauwmans and Jenny Morrison and Iris and Mike. They claimed 9 tops and won the event with a magnificent 71%. Well done!

On Friday 6th November members from the Club descended on Benside for the Annual Benside Cup Competition. Our hosts were Catriona Winterholt and Liz Carmichael. There were 22 of us (and one of our regular helpers Lyn Gormley). We decided to play a pairs and as there were 11 men and 11 women we opted for a mixed pairs (Dave Gormley didn’t even have to be the token lady this time as he did at Callanish!) There were some great pairings.

We had a problem-free first 5 rounds and then a very mysterious power cut which affected the Bridgemates. Unknown to us they failed to pass the remaining information to the computer and so at the end of the evening the results didn’t include all the boards.

But with an extended interval for a magnificent supper and lots of social chit chat nobody was that bothered and we declared the victors to be Stewart and Irene, who took 76% at the beginning of the evening.

However, the Benside Cup remains at Benside until next year in its rightful place with last year’s holder Liz.

Thank you so much for a great evening.

Pictured are those enjoying the play at the annual Benside Cup Competition.