Bridge Club notes

The Bridge Club held its first charity event of the season last Tuesday with an amazing turn-out of 6 tables.

We welcomed Pat and Alice Read from the Thursday group who came along to help us support this fantastic cause and Liz Carmichael partnered Stewart MacDonald .

The rest of us had our regular partners. Stewart has had loads of different partners already this season (NL MacDonald is just so busy) and he’s doing really well.

Stewart currently tops the ‘individual’ leader board, so keep up the good work.

The Ecats Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs competition began in 2002 and to date (but not including this year) the wider Bridge Community has raised a staggering £740,011.40 for the charity.

We joined in the fun a couple of years ago and this year raised £206 which was table money and money donated towards a ‘Guess the number of sweeties in the jar’ competition.

On Tuesday night there were a total of 2,051 pairs playing at 118 clubs from 4 countries and the winning pair from Billericay, Essex currently have a score of 76 per cent.

We won’t match that but we had a great evening and made loads more money than last year, so thank you.

Two pairs came joint second with 58 per cent.

Congratulations to Janet Smith and Rita MacDonald and Gerda Graauwmans and Jenny Morrison.

Janet and Rita didn’t have any outright tops this week and were very unlucky with their only bottom as they were left to defend a 1NT on board 12 when every other pair had opted for a heart contract.

Gerda and Jenny managed two tops and their bottom, on board 6, was a 4HX played by Harris MacKenzie which he made easily despite North having 15 points.

Our winners this week were Stewart and Liz and they were presented with a Pudsey bear each in recognition of the event. They finished with 59 per cent which was enough for victory in Stornoway but not enough to appear on the winning Ecats podium.

Our ‘guess the number of sweeties in the jar’ winner was Norah MacDonald!