Bridge Club notes

This week was the Frank Strachan Shield which is a ‘draw for partners’ competition. No-one had their regular partner with a variety of new pairings in action so it was an interesting evening with everyone quickly discussing how and what system would be used.

It was another good turnout with 4 and a half tables and a chance to catch our breath following the fantastic charity event of the week before.

This week saw plenty of hands offering slams, both small and grand, 7 in total over the 27 boards, but as all were with different partners there were lots of missed opportunities. However, some pairs made the most of the points. Congratulations to Iris Stewart and Dave Gormley who bid and made 7NT on board 2 and to Irene MacKenzie and Gerda Graauwmans and Ken MacDonald and Colin Scott who bid and made two small slams and to Liz Carmichael and Jenny Morrison and Rita MacDonald and Harris MacKenzie who also found a small slam each.

In third place this week with a score of 54 per cent were Ken and Colin. Their slam on board 26 was just one of the hands that gave them one of their 5 tops.

In second place were Irene and Gerda, just ahead of the men with 55 per cent. They also had 5 tops, one of which was on board 15 when they bid and made 6NT with 2 other pairs settling for 6S.

In first place were Iris and Dave with a grand total of 60 per cent. Dave couldn’t believe his luck when South opened with 13 points on board 2 and he was sitting opposite with 23 points. 9 tops for them and a well deserved victory.