Bridge Club notes from Stornoway

Gerda and Jenny (Bridge Club, Stornoway, Sep 24, 2015)
Gerda and Jenny (Bridge Club, Stornoway, Sep 24, 2015)

The second Bridge Club pre-season warm up match last Tuesday was another success with 4 ½ tables.

Harris MacKenzie and Liz Carmichael were the additional players, with Harris rejoining Irene MacKenzie and Liz partnering Jimmy Ogilvie.

Liz and Jimmy (Stornoway Bridge Club, Sep 24, 2015.)

Liz and Jimmy (Stornoway Bridge Club, Sep 24, 2015.)

It’s all change again next week though when NL MacDonald, Jean MacLeod and Irene MacKenzie are away but hopefully Ken MacDonald, Rita MacDonald and Janet Smith will be back at the Club. Watch out everyone as Derek MacKenzie and Stewart MacDonald are going to be playing together!

There were some cracking hands on offer last week and NL and Stewart MacDonald managed to find two slams on boards 12 and 22.

Henk Graauwmans and John Murdo MacLean also found (and made) the 6D slam on board 1, congratulations on some good bidding guys!

Irene MacKenzie and Harris MacKenzie played some good attacking bridge on board 1 and were the only pair to make 10 tricks. The following board saw some great play by Colin Scott and Bryan Harris to make a 5H contract. Board 24 saw a couple of interesting doubles.

Jimmy Ogilvie and Liz Carmichael made their 4HX against Murdo Kennedy and Norah MacDonald but Mike Norman and Iris Stewart managed to defeat the same contract against Irene and Harris MacKenzie.

In third place with a score of 53% were Derek MacKenzie and Jean MacLeod who had 2 tops and 2 bottoms with lots of middles in between.

In second place were Liz Carmichael and Jimmy Ogilvie with 55% and 4 tops and in first place this week with 5 tops and an impressive score of 60% were Jenny Morrison and Gerda Graauwmans.