Bridge Club notes - The Frank Strachan Shield

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Last week the Bridge Club finally got round to playing the Frank Strachan Shield.

It’s a Draw for Partners competition and everyone entered into the spirit of the event. There were some interesting partnerships and the 16 were paired as follows: Stewart MacDonald and Jimmy Ogilvie, Dave Gormley and Colin Scott, Bryan Harris and Murdo Kennedy (playing the Kennedy Terrace system), Jenny Morrison and Harris MacKenzie, Irene MacKenzie and Gerda Graauwmans, Iris Stewart and Norah MacDonald, Sylvia Taylor and Liz Carmichael and Mike Norman and Norman MacDonald. It was a perfect number for a 28 board movement. They used the first 24 hands that had been dealt for the SBU Norvite competition (always a challenge and which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the bad weather) and the dealer machine threw out the remaining 4 boards.

It was great fun listening to all the comments flying around the room as pairs struggled to come to terms with their ‘new’ partners systems. ‘Aargh, that double was for take-out’, ‘what do you mean, ‘pass?’’, ‘why did you leave me in 3H when we only have 5 H’s between us?’ ‘Oops, 2NT – 4 (thank goodness we weren’t doubled)’.

All in all a great evening and the Frank Strachan Shield goes to the pair who just love to take risks!

Congratulations to Mike and Norman who had a very successful night and came top with 62%.

In second place were Sylvia and Liz. Despite usually playing completely different systems they found common ground and playing a weak N/T ended the evening with a very impressive 55%.

In third place was the harmonious pair of Harris and Jenny. Their scorecard shows them on the defensive for most of the evening (Jenny had very few points to support her partner) but they obviously managed to defend well and finished with 53%.

Also, congratulations to Jean MacLeod and Ross Woodburn who came first in the local heat of the SBU Bobby Allan simultaneous mixed pairs and 2nd throughout Scotland. There were 246 pairs competing so it was an excellent result.