Bridge Club play for Golf Club Trophy

Pictured are Jean and Derek
Pictured are Jean and Derek

On Tuesday the Bridge Club met for the Golf Club Trophy. The holders were NL and Stewart MacDonald who had won the competition last year with a very impressive 70%.

However, this years winners were to beat that score by a whisker. Stewart was unable to defend his title but the members were pleased to hear that he is now home and slowly making progress. Let’s hope he’s back with at the Club very soon.

There were five tables and it was great to see Jean MacLeod and Derek MAcKenzie, the new partnership of John Drummond and John Murdo MacLean and Ken MacDonald and Irene MacKenzie. Not a bad turn out for this time of year and with so much happening.

The winners had a fantastic evening with 9 tops and only 2 bogies. They got a bottom on Board 14 against Colin Scott and Bryan Harris with Colin playing a magnificent 3S (the only player to make his contract!) and also on board 17 where Murdo Kennedy managed to successfully make 5H +1. These two blips failed to detract from a very impressive evening for them and their final score was 70.37% - congratulations.

The new holders of the Golf Club Trophy are Jean and Derek.

In second place with 63.89% were Janet Smith and Rita MacDoanld. They also had 2 bottoms, (coincidentally against Colin and Bryan and Murdo and Norah) and achieved 7 tops and a bout of hysterics.

In third place were Gerda Graauwmans and Jenny Morrison with 55.9%. They had 5 tops and spent most of the evening defending with reasonable success.

Isabel Robertson and Henk Graauwmans failed to make 4th place this week – that honour went to Ken and Irene.

There was much entertainment at Table 1 too when John D and John Murdo met Norah MacDonald and Murdo Kennedy. John Murdo bid 4S which Murdo sportingly doubled. John Murdo made his contract, claimed a top and vastly enjoyed his success.

Finally, we all said a fond farewell to Alex Blair on Monday. The service was a fitting tribute to a truly lovely man. Our best wishes are with Sue and we look forward to welcoming back her to the Club.