Bridge - Simultaneous SBU Bobby Allan competition

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Tuesday night saw the Bridge Club compete in the Simultaneous SBU Bobby Allan competition.

This was a mixed pairs competition played across the whole of Scotland and for some it meant a change of partner for the evening.

There were four tables and as always with this competition the boards were ‘challenging’.

On a local level the winners on the night were Rita and Ken MacDonald with 61%.

In second place were Liz Carmichael and Stewart MacDonald with 58% and in third place were Jean MacLeod and Derek MacKenzie with 54%.

However, on a National level and against 227 other pairs Stornoway once again did itself credit.

Jean and Derek came 17th with 60%, Liz and Stewart were 21st with 58% and Rita and Ken were 24th with 57%. A fantastic achievement!

Special mention should be made of Norman MacDonald and Janet Smith who were the only pair brave enough to bid 7NT on board 1 which they made. They were also the only pair to make 6NT on board 5.

Stewart claims the prize for being the most ‘doubting Thomas’ of the evening.

Board 29 saw them in 5HX and just before South lay her cards there was muttering from Stewart (a bottom is a bottom is a bottom etc etc).

Liz had 19 points and a very satisfied expression on her face as Stewart made his contract with an overtrick! Oh yea of little faith!

Pictured are Jean and Derek who came 17th at national level with 60%.