Bridge to welcome in the New Year

The Bridge Club welcomed in the New Year with a great turn-out of 16 players, considering there were quite a few folk still away on holiday.

Last week the group played for the John the Chemist Trophy. John’s daughter Kay McKay is one of the stalwarts in the Cancer Research Committee and a great supporter of our Charity Nights so it was good to see a good turn out.

It was also good to see Mike Norman back again, partnering Dave Gormley for a couple of weeks.

The new partnership of Henk Graauwmans and John Murdo MacLean had another satisfactory outing, this week coming 4th with 54%, just 1% behind those in third place. John Murdo played Board 15 particularly well, getting two overtricks and a top.

In third place were Gerda Graauwmans and Jenny Morrison. As the saying goes never look a gift horse in the mouth and they gratefully accepted a top from Stewart MacDonald and Norman MacDonald who strangely failed to bid to game on board 22 when 4S was a certainty.

In second place with 59% were Stewart and Norman. They managed a top in every round except against Henk and John Murdo. Well done gents!

In first place were Dave and Mike with a very impressive 63%. Despite the best efforts of Irene MacKenzie and Harris Mackenzie (who were the only pair to take any significant points from them) they ended the evening with 7 tops and a formidable score card.