Celts get by with a little help from Blues fans

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If any further evidence is required of how special and unique the Western Isles are, then we need go no further than consider the very special camaraderie which existed between the Rangers and Celtic/Ross County fans (pictured right) heading to the mainland last weekend to support their respective teams.

The Harris contingent were heading to Dingwall to watch the Ross County v Celtic match and hoping to set off on the early ferry from Stornoway last Saturday morning when they were informed that the ferry might not sail - or at best sail late because of ‘technical difficulties’.

The Rangers Supporters Club were heading for Ibrox on the Friday ferry but had to re-route through Harris for the same reason.

It was going to be too late for public transport to get the Hoops fans to Inverness if they got the Harris ferry so after a number of hectic phone calls - John Angus ‘Fuggy’ MacDonald and John West - dyed-in-the-wool Rangers men - extended the hand of Hebridean friendship and offered the Celtic fans a lift on their supporters bus.

One unfortunate consequence of the convoluted travel arrangements was when Stevie Price - former Ross County player – woke up on match day only to discover that, between ferries, buses and taxis, he had mislaid the ‘borrowed’ suit required for the corporate experience at Victoria Park.

Nothing else for it but to hit Inverness High street to buy another suit.

Just as Stevie was cutting the labels off his newly-purchased suit, the taxi arrived from the previous day with the original.

Although the result at Dingwall wasn’t the result the Celtic fans in the group had hoped for, it was helped a bit by the efforts of the mighty Annan Athletic down at Ibrox.

Thanks again to the Rangers Supporters Club - much appreciated.