Challenge yourself Hebridean style

A MAJOR cycling and running event in the Western Isles will test the toughest competitors on two wheels and two legs just three days before the summer solstice.

The Hebridean Cycle Challenge for the serious competitors is a road and mountain bike race with the option of running the off-road section instead of cycling.

The Challenge begins with a 33.6 mile road cycle from the Creed Enterprise Park outside Stornoway to Miavaig in North Harris. The race then continues with a 10.5 mile off-road section through the mountains from Miavaig to Bowglas and ends with a half mile road section to the finish at the Scaladale Centre, Ardvourlie, North Harris

The Hebridean Sponsored Cycle is a 21.3 miles non-competitive event catering for casual cyclists from the Creed Enterprise Park outside Stornoway to the Scaladale Centre in Ardvourlie, North Harris.

The event is being run by the Lewis and Harris Youth Club Association and offers something for everyone above the age of 16, keen on cycling and on raising money for the organisation.

Even if people don’t want to test their stamina or raise funding, organisers say they will still be welcome to take part.

Challenge competitors can do the challenge solo or in teams of two (with cyclists changing over at Ceann an Ora and the runners changing over at Miavaig); and transport will be provided to take bikes and riders back to the Creed Enterprise Park.

Race competitors will take off at the head off the pack and then the fun cycle will follow a minute or two after so people don’t have to worry about getting in the way of the serious racers.

The whole event will finish off at the Scaladale centre with a barbecue and some entertainment before the prize giving and transport will be provided to take everyone back up to the Creed Enterprise Park.


8.30: Registration open at Karting Centre Creed Park

9.15: Final Registration

9.30: Cycle Start

14.00: BBQ and entertainment at Scaladale Centre

15.00: Cycle Race prize giving

1600: Bus departs Scaladale

16.45: Bikes issued at Creed Park

17.15: Bus departs Creed Park for Bus Station

More details can be found at: which gives the details of the actual day.

The other website that we have for downloading entry forms as well, is the Lewis and Harris Youth Club Association.

If you have any further question then please contact Fallon on 07867886313.