Darts round-up

Yuletide felicitations and a Happy New Year to all! There have been a few competitions over the festive season and since my last report, so I had better get some words written about them.

Island Doubles

Saturday 30th November saw three competitions. I’ll start with the Island Doubles.

Iain L. and Sam beat Robbie and Boozer in the first round to meet Mopp and Iain Mac in the second round, after Mopp and Iain had a bye in the first.

Don and Jamie also got a bye in the first round and faced Alex and Finlay in the second, after they had beaten Iain M and Haggis in the opening round.

Two more opening round byes saw Ewen and Craig through to the second round to face Bananas and Steven.

Murdo and Calum Ruddy also got a bye in the first round to face Dave and Spike in the second round.

Dave and Spike had to beat Amanda and Mar (Mairianne) to qualify.

The second round saw Iain L. and Sam beat Mopp and Iain Mac.

Also victorious was Alex and Finlay over Don and Jamie.

Bananas and Craig beat Steven and Craig and Dave and Spike beat Murdo and Calum R.

Into the semi-final round and we had Iain L. and Sam face Alex and Finlay, with the latter pair being victorious and qualifying for the final, where they faced Bananas and Steven who had qualified by beating David and Spike. The final went to Bananas and Steven 6 – 3.

In another competition on the same day, we saw the Triples comp go to Boozer, Robbie and Iain Leitch, who met Murdo MacLeod, Jamie and Craig in the final.

With just six teams entering, there is not much more to say about this competition.

he third competition was a Masters Qualifier which went to Iain Leitch. Iain had beaten Mark in the semis and Don in the first round to reach the final.

His opponent in the final was Murdo MacLeod who had reached the final by beating Robbie in the semi and Dave in the opener. Also going out in the first round were Haggis, Dave and Calum Ruddy.

Winter Doubles

The opening game saw Mairianne and Amanda go out, losing 4 – 0 to Alex M. and Finlay. Jamie and Don also failed to progress further losing 4 – 0 to Craig and DN.

The two Marks were next out losing to Kenny and Murdo 4 – 1. The next semi-final qualifiers were Iain Leitch and David Mac, beating Murdo and Willie Reid 4 – 3.

The final semi-finalists were Alex M and Finlay after beating Kenny and Sean 4 – 0. Alex M. and Finlay continued to the final beating Craig and DN 4 – 3.

In the final they were to face Kenny and Murdo who qualified by beating Iain Leitch and David Mac 4 – 0. In another final to go the full distance, it was Kenny and Murdo who came out champions with a 6 – 5 score.

Winter Open

The opening game saw Finlay beat Sean Bayble 5 – 0. The second game saw Murdo Mac beat Kenny 5 – 1.

Into the first round proper and we saw Dol Norrie beat Finlay 5 – 1 and Willie Reid beat Craig 5 – 4. Calum Ruddy beat Amanda 5 – 0.

Jamie Reid and Don were next up to the oche and we saw Jamie qualify 5 – 1, assisted greatly with a 120 finish. Alex M. beat Kenny Duncan 5 – 1 and Mark Reid beat Mairianne 5 – 2.

Murdo Alex beat Iain Leitch 5 – 4 and, in the final first round game, Murdo Mac beat Mark Dog 5 – 1. The second round saw Dol Norrie qualify for the semis beating Willie Reid 5 – 2.

Jamie Reid also went into the semis beating Calum Ruddy 5 -2. Jamie’s finishing was again worthy of comment with a 109 finish assisting his qualification. The other semi-final participants were Alex M. who beat Mark Reid 5 – 1 and Murdo Alex who beat Murdo Mac 5 – 4.

The semi-final round saw the exit of Jamie Reid who went out to Dol Norrie 5 – 2. This was despite Jamie’s finishing prowess and 3 maximum 180s in the evening.

The other finalist was Murdo Alex, beating Alex M. 5 – 4. The best of 11 final round went the full distance with Murdo Alex coming out victorious against Dol Norrie, winning 6 – 5.

Boxing Day Open

A good turnout for this competition saw the need for a qualifying round.

Then it was on to the quarter-finals - a best of nine match. The first game saw Alex M. put an end to David MacMillan’s game beating him 5 – 4. Calum Ruddy also bade farewell to the competition losing 5 – 0 to Rory.

Jamie Reid joined Alex and Rory in the semis beating Willie Reid 5 – 3. The final semi-finalist to qualify was Finlay who beat Alex K. 5 – 2.

The first semi-final saw Alex M. beat Rory 5 – 4 and the second saw Finlay beat Jamie 5 – 0.

The final was a best of 13 rounds and went to Alex M 7 – 3. Alex hit 6 x 100, 4 x 140 along with scores of 128, 125,122, 105 and 104. Finlay managed 10 X 100 3 X 140 and 1 x 180 plus a 133. Alex also managed two double top finishes and two double 16s.

Well done to all winners and thanks to all the players who too part.

Upcoming fixtures

Saturday 11th January

Masters Qualifier at 4pm.

League Wednesday 15th


Legion v Sea Ang A

Sea Ang B v Jack Sparrows

Rangers SC v Golf Club

All Stars v Ness