Darts season hotting up

As we approach the business end of the league a number of catch up fixture were played over the weekend.

Sunday, 10th April 2016, 7:29 am

All Stars vs Sea Angling A

The battle of these two teams was always going to be a close match but it didn’t look like it was going to end up like that as the All Stars raced into a 3-0 lead.

The first game went the distance with Don MacLeod (140 x2, 100 x6) beating Robbie Mowatt (100) 3-2.

This was followed by a 3-0 win for Alex ‘Momby’ Morrison (140 x3, 100) over Alex Keiller (125 x2, 100 x2) and Jamie Reid (140, 125, 100) beating Rory Ferguson (135, 100 x4) by 3-1.

Jim O’Donnell and Willie Reid steadied the ship for the Sea Angling A with Jim (140 x2, 121) beating Scott MacLeod (100) 3-1 and Willie (133 x2) winning 3-0 against Dave ‘Blondie’ MacLeod.

Alex (140), Jamie (135) and Don secured at least a point by winning the triple. Now if there was a man to step up to plate to stop this slipping away, enter Willie ‘evergreen’ Reid with a 71 checkout in the first double to take it back to 4-3.

In the final game Alex Keiller hit double 2 to secure the point with a 4-4 draw.

All Stars vs Rangers Club A

This was another match destined to go the distance. There was some also accuracy with the checkouts with Jamie Reid, Don MacLeod and Ian ‘Bananas’ O’Donnell all checking out on the bull in a leg of their games.

Murdo MacLeod (140 x3, 100) got the away team off to the perfect start with a hard fought 3-2 win over Dave ‘Blondie’ MacLeod (100). Alex Morrison (135, 100 x3) replied with a good 3-0 win over Murdo Alex MacLeod (140, 100 x4).

Jamie Reid (140) and Don MacLeod (140, 100 x2) maintained the momentum with wins over Ivor MacLeod (135) and Ian O’Donnell (138, 105) respectively.

Ian ‘Bananas’ O’Donnell (100 x2) got the Rangers A back on track winning 3-0 against Scott MacLeod (100 x3).

Alex (140), Scott (100) and Jamie (134) won the triple with Alex (140, 125, 121) and Scott securing all three points by winning the first double. Murdo and Ivor (123) won the final double resulting in a final score of 5-3 to the All Stars.

DX v Sea Angling B

This was another match that had the potential to go either way but DX got off to a fantastic start with Malky MacDonald (140, 123), Steven Williams (125) and Jonathan MacDonald (140, 100 x2) all winning to give the home team a 3-0 lead.

Jonathan’s game went all the way to 3-2 with him hitting an excellent 150 checkout (T20, T20 and D15) in the final leg.

Innes MacLean (100 x3) and Ted Bainbridge (100) both won 3-0 in their games against Derek Morrison (125) and Mark MacLean (100) respectively to bring it back to 3-2.

The Sea Angling B won the triple to keep the comeback going and secured a point with Innes (140, 100 x3) scoring heavily in the first double and hitting double 3 to win.

However, the next game was a step too far as Malky MacDonald and Steven Williams got something out of the match for the home side with the score finishing up at 4-4.

Rangers Club B vs Golf Club

Mark MacDonald (160, 128, 100) and Martin Magee (180) got the Rangers B team off to a good start, both securing 3-0 wins over Allan MacKinnon (140, 120, 100 x2) and Donald ‘Compo’ MacLeod (100 x2). Phil ‘The Powercut’ Frieslick (105, 94 checkout) got the away team off the mark beating Ross MacLean (100 x2) 3-0. Callum Ruddy (140 x3, 125, 100 x3) kept this going with a 3-0 win over Callum ‘Fluffy’ MacLean (121, 100 x2) with James Macaskill winning 3-1 against Gordon ‘Mopp’ MacDonald (100 x2).

Mark (100 x2), Callum and Martin levelled things up by winning the triple but Callum (100) and James secured at least a point winning the first double. A share of the spoils were claimed by Mark (100 x2) and Ross as they won the final double for a 4-4 draw.

Sea Angling B vs Carlton

Innes MacLean (140, 105, 100) got things going for the home side winning 3-0 but John Norman Murray hit straight back for the Carlton beating Dave Heckles (140, 121) 3-2.

The next three games all went the way of the Sea Angling B team with 3-0 wins for David ‘Babz’ MacLeod over Donnie MacDonald and Ted Bainbridge (103, 100) against Kay MacDonald (100).

The last singles games was closer with Willie ‘Pegs’ Davidson (140, 135, 100 x5) winning 3-1 against Ruaraidh Smith (121, 100).

The triple and both doubles went the way of the home side with Innes scoring four 140s in the process along with a bull finish in his doubles match. The final score a 7-1 home win.

Rangers Club A vs Sparrows

With the Rangers A team on their second fixture of the night they wasted no time as they went into a 3-0 lead with wins from Murdo Alex MacLeod (140, 100 x6), Ivor MacLeod (121) and Murdo MacLeod (140 x2, 100).

Gordon MacLean (140, 121) pulled one back for the Sparrows winning 3-1 against Ian O’Donnell (125, 100). Ian ‘Bananas’ O’Donnell (140) finished off the singles winning 3-1 against Amanda Campbell (115).

Murdo Alex, Ivor and Ian secured the win in the triple. The Rangers A team won both of the doubles to win the match by 7-1.

Carlton vs Rangers Club B

Points have been hard to come by for the Carlton this season but they made the Rangers Club B work in this match. Mark MacDonald ((125, 100) beat Brian Shields 3-0 but Jamie Jamieson (105, 100 x2) replied for the Carlton beating Callum ‘Fluffy’ MacLean (140) 3-2.

Ross MacLean (100) restored the lead for the away team winning 3-0 against John Norman Murray. Martin Magee (100 x2) had to come from 2-0 down to beat Ruaraidh Smith (100 x3) 3-2 before Kay MacDonald won 3-1 against Gordon ‘Mopp’ MacDonald (109, 100).

This gave the away team a slender 3-2 lead going into the triple and doubles. However, Mark, Ross and Callum won the treble with Mark (100) and Ross following this up by winning the first double to secure the win.

Ruaraidh and Kay had the consolation of winning the final double against Martin and Gordon for a final score of 5-3 to the Rangers B.

DX vs Golf Club

The final game of the week had two evenly matched teams in DX and the Golf Club going head to head. Robert Macaskill (100 x2) came out of retirement and got the Golf Club off to the perfect start beating Jonathan MacDonald (120, 100) 3-2.

This was followed up by Phil ‘The Powercut’ Frieslick (132, 121) winning 3-1 against Mark MacLean (121, 120). Callum Ruddy (100) beat Malky MacDonald (140) 3-0 with James Macaskill ensuring a draw beating Derek Morrison (140, 100 x2) 3-2.

Callum (100 x2), Robert and James secured the win for the Golf Club winning the triple. DX won both of the doubles with Mark and Jonathan (100) beating Phil and Robert and Derek and Steven beating Callum and James (120) for a final score of 5-3 to the Golf Club.

Top Arrows

180s – Martin Magee (Rangers B)

Highest checkouts – 150 (treble 20, treble 20, double 15) by Jonathan MacDonald (DX)

Best Leg – 17 darter by Callum Ruddy (Golf Club)

Next up is the League Doubles competition taking place this Saturday (9th April) at 4.30pm in the Sea Angling Club.

Innes Maclean - winner of the Sea Angling Open.