Dealing for the club championship

Stornoway Bridge Club recently played their Club Championship competition.

Held over one night it is a highly sought after trophy.

Would the holders Ken MacDonald and Dave Gormley retain the trophy or would it pass to new victors?

There were five tables and a festive air in the last Tuesday meeting of 2012. The dealing machine offered some interesting hands although Liz Carmichael must have thought the Christmas elves had mischievously stolen all her points her hands were so dismal.

At the end of play it was clear that there would be two new names on the trophy. It was an early Christmas present for Norah MacDonald and Murdo Kennedy who had a great evening and came out on top with 67%.

They had four tops, only one bottom (at the hands of Sylvia Taylor and Iris Stewart) and there wasn’t a double in sight!

In second place with 56% were Stewart MacDonald and NL MacDonald. They are continuing with their good form proving they have more skill than luck.

Stewart must have really enjoyed making the extra trick on board 14 giving them one of their four tops.

In third place with 55% were Jenny Morrison and Gerda Graauwmans. They actually managed five tops and successfully gambled with 3NT on board 10 to top that particular board as North South.