Dealing for the Frank Strachan Competition

It was Dave and Iris who won the honours on the night taking the first place with 56%.
It was Dave and Iris who won the honours on the night taking the first place with 56%.

The Stornoway Bridge Club recently met to play the Frank Strachan Competition.

It’s always an interesting evening as they draw for partners and as it’s a completely random selection there’s no telling who they’ll get.

With 12 members in attendance the draw was as follows:

Gerda Graauwmans and

Liz Carmichael

Stewart Macdonald and

Sylvia Taylor

NL Macdonald and

Jenny Morrison

Irene MacKenzie and

Jimmy Ogilvie

Rita MacDonald and

Harris MacKenzie

Dave Gormley and

Iris Stewart.

Systems were hastily discussed and a 25 board movement commenced.

There were no movement cards for the tables but the Bridge Mates kept them right and there were no hiccups.

The boards were only played three times but there was still an interesting variation in the bidding! Gerda and Liz defeated not only their opponents but also the computer on board 6.

Amazingly they found 6NT which they then proceeded to make, meaning that a slam bid of 6D by Jenny and NL failed to make any impression in the scoring!

Board 17 was good for Stewart and Sylvia who bid to 6H (the other two pairs stayed at 4H) with Stewart making the contract.

Rita and Harris found game on board 24 which Rita then played superbly to get an overtrick and a top.

Irene and Jimmy took advantage of some ambitious bidding on board 3 to defeat a 3S contract by 4 tricks which also gave them a top.

As they went into the final round there was all to play for and it was neck and neck right up to the last board.

In first place with 56% were Dave and Iris. They had a great evening taking 8 tops in all.

Just sneaking into second place were Jenny and NL with 55% and in third place were Gerda and Liz with 53%.