dip, dip hooraY

The 28th annual Flett Trek took place on Hogmanay with a large number of Stornoway Running Club members honouring the traditional Hogmanay dash and splash.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 5th January 2017, 6:30 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 1:00 pm

The famous event combines a run/jog around the stunning hills of Rhenigidale in Harris which is followed by a bone chilling swim in the loch at the bottom.

Encompanssing the stunning trails and views of Rhenigidale and a wake up splash in the waters of Loch Trolamoraig, the Flett Trek remains one of SRAC’s most popular events.

Back in 1989 SRAC members Douglas Flett and Ross Munro decided to take a New Years Eve run across the famous ‘Postman’s Walk’ path which linked Urgha and Rhenigidale before the introduction of a main road would finally open up the remote village the following year.

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It was a run Flett was taking on twice a week at the time but as he and his club mate Munro ran up the steep climb to a near 1,000 metres at the top of the hill before zig-zagging down the other side to the loch in the glen before climbing up again – neither realised they were the pioneers for what has become the longest standing and most loved tradition in the history of the Running Club.

Since then the New Years Eve trek has evolved with later runners adding ideas on the jaunt to mould it into the modern day club favourite.

After a chilly swim the runners are back in their clothes for a run around the coast and to the main road before a short gallop leads all to the local bothy, the Rhenigidale Hostel, where even the coldest of bones are warmed gently and generously by a warm, two-course hearty meal and generous helpings of warmed mulled wine.