Dizzy spell put brakes on

For the first 4K circuits of the cross country course Stornoway Running Club ace Connor Maclean was making good ground and even better time.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th January 2017, 6:18 am

Sitting in fifth place in the mixed U20 and Senior men’s race he was leading the way for the U20’s with just four of the older senior runners in front.

But a return of the dizzy spells which had blighted his preparation and even led to the youngster passing out pre-race meant Connor made the sensible decision to bow out of the race early.

“I was just not feeling well in the lead up to the race,” explained Connor. “There wasn’t much I could do and I was feeling really dizzy while running so half-way I felt I had to pull out. I am a little bit gutted about it but it’s done now.”

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The 20-year-old was covering the ground impressively and holding a decent time cushion over most of his U20 rivals. But suddenly he went from feeling strong one second to suddenly becoming disoriented the next.

He continued: “I was fifth place overall and I was running really well. I felt good in my legs and running but I had been getting dizzy all morning to the extent where I passed out before the race.

“So I think it was more playing on my mind that I had passed out.

“Looking back on it now with hindsight I think I could have maybe finished the race but I was so flustered and when I felt dizzy again I had to stop rather than end up in the back of the ambulance.”

He added: “My lap-times were good and I was running well. There was myself and another of the boys from the under-20s who were quite far up the pack.

“I felt strong and Edinburgh is one of my favourite tracks so it was a bit gutting for this to happen there where I have always enjoyed running.

“Just have to look past it and now look forward to the next one.”

The next race for Connor comes on January 22 when he runs for Scotland as part of the national squad for the Celtic Nations XC event in Cardiff.