Fantasy Football Leaderboard

LISTED below are the top 20 placed fantasy football managers in the Stornoway Gazette’s ever-popular competition.

All the team sheets for April have now been processed with Gus Macvier leading the way with a one-point lead over Norman Macdonald and James Macarthur.

There are still plenty points to process with football managers with Fraser Macleod set for a May boost after his recent hot-streak in front of goal.

A further update will be in the Gazette early next month after all of May’s team sheets are submitted.

Gus Maciver Maciver’s Select - 111

Norman Macdonald Tobson Rebels - 110

James Macarthur Broadbay Nines - 110

Sweeney Obi Wan Kenobi Nil - 109

Donald Mackaskill Westside Warriors - 109

Peter Mackaskill Peter’s Cobra’s - 106

Eva Macsween Wii Not Fit - 105

John Mackaskill The Park Panthers 2.0 - 105

Christopher Adams Danish Terminals - 105

Christopher Wood New Age Outlaws - 103

Emma Macsween Cesc, Drogs & Rock N’ Roll - 103

Duncan Maclean Away Shearing Sheep - 102

Gordon Greenhowe Isle Decide - 100

George Graham Atlantic Raiders - 100

Martainn Shields Anyone But Back - 99

Alasdair Dunlop The Binos - 99

Iain Macleod Game Boys - 98

Innes Iain Morrison The Siarachs - 97

Angus Mackaskill The Barvas Brigade - 97

Calum Morrison Pushing Our Luck - 96