Flowers of Scotland

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CIRSTY Gillies knew instantly something was wrong.

Her hand and wrist had been forced back over on itself by the ferocity of the opening penalty kick in the shoot-out.

A loud crack and instant shot of searing pain served as a reminder something had gone wrong but for her and her watching team mates the most important thing was she had made the save to edge her side into the lead.

Beth Macleod had moments earlier smashed the Nicolson’s opening spot-kick into the top corner so Cirsty’s save capped a dream start to the shoot-out for the island girls.

It was far from any ordinary penalty shoot-out. The girls stood five kicks from despair or glory. Five kicks from agony or ecstasy and just 12-yards from one team hoisting the shield into the cloudless Inverness sky or making the long walk to pick up runners-up medals for the second year in a row.

Cirsty had no time to nurse her injury or rest on her laurels as it was only the first spot-kick in a shoot-out for schools football most precious trophy – the senior Scottish Shield.

Spraying a liberal dosage of freeze spray to her swelling wrist Cirsty took her place on the goal-line again as the shoot-out raged on.

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