Football Memories group kicks off

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The first Football Memories group met in Lewis but the group is keen to welcome more members along.

The Football Memories group is predominantly designed for people with dementia but anyone with a passion for football is welcome to attend the group and share their stories and memories of the beautiul game.

The first group met on March 1 at Point FC’s Ionad Stoodie with those who attended the first meeting looking at some of the items from the Football Memories box including an old ball and boots and then everyone shared their first memories of football.

Angus Murray, who is supporting the group, remembered watching the 1966 World Cup final and how this had resulting in him getting the nickname ‘Charlton’.

The group then looked at the Lewis and Harris league trophy and the Lewis Cup trophy which had been brought along and spoke about their memories of playing football in the Western Isles.

Iain Murray who attends the group told everyone the story of him crossing the Broadbay football divide when he left the Reds of Point to play for the Blues of Back.

After an hour and some refreshments, the group agreed it had been an enjoyable discussion and that it would be good if others would join them.

Everyone agreed to meet at the start of April to talk about memories of the Eilean Fharaoich Cup and Select football on the island.