Lewis keeper Chloe Nicholson making her mark on the mainland for Rangers women

Chloe Nicholson in action for RangersChloe Nicholson in action for Rangers
Chloe Nicholson in action for Rangers
The latest in a long line of talented young footballers to emerge from the Isle of Lewis is Rangers Women’s goalkeeper Chloe Nicholson.

Chloe, 18, currently on loan to Glasgow Women, began training with the Gers first team at the start of 2019 after being identified by Scotland’s national team coaches and then recommended to head coach Amy McDonald and the Rangers Academy.

After joining Rangers originally, Chloe was with their under-19s squad as she kept living on Lewis and was flown to the mainland to play in games.

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She eventually signed for the Glasgow giants in February 2019 after a successful trial period.

From May 2019, she started training and playing with the first team.

“I played the majority of last season with the Rangers Women first team (in SWPL1),” Chloe told the Stornoway Gazette

“I played two games with the under-19s and then lockdown happened so there was no football.”

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After lockdown eased in summer 2020, Chloe moved to the mainland and started training with Rangers Women under-19s again.

“They have been trying to get me to train with the first team to get more experience,” she added, but I’ve got college and it kind of clashes so I’ve not been able to make first team training.

“I’ve not had any games with Rangers since I moved down, and I’ve not played in a game for their under-19s for well over a year now, but with Glasgow Women I’ve started every game.”

Chloe is making her mark in the women’s senior game after humble beginnings in the Western Isles.

“I joined Point FC at the age of eight,” she said.

“I was always playing with boys teams for Point.

“I was the only girl until a few years ago.

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“I’ve always been a keeper but I play left-back as well, then I think I started training with Lewis and Harris Women’s FC when I was 12.

“Women’s football does have a really big profile now, especially with the likes of Rangers, Celtic and Glasgow City going professional.

“The first game back that our women had back in Scotland after last year’s World Cup drew a bigger crowd than a men’s Scotland game held around the same time.

“It shows that the women’s game has gone full circle from what it used to be like and it also shows the great support it now gets from the fans.

“That’s what you need at times too.”