Lewis and Harris Select squad

Lewis and Harris Select manager, Billy Flower has announced his squad for Friday’s Midsummer Tournament.

They are as follows:

Ian “Tohan” Macleod (Back F.C.)

Martin Macphee (Westside F.C.)

Andrew “Tago” Maciver (Carloway F.C.)

Graeme Mackenzie (Lochs F.C.)

Domhnall Mackay (Carloway F.C.)

Ally Gillies (Point F.C.)

Sandy Morrison (Strornoway United F.C.)

Peter Mackenzie (Lochs F.C.)

Duncan Maclean (Westside F.C.)

Colin George Morrison (Westside F.C.)

Ally “Barvas” Macleod (Westside F.C.)

Dan Crossley (Carloway F.C.)

Dan Macphail (Westside F.C.)

Scott Maciver (Stornoway Athletic F.C.)

Don “Lava” Macleod (Lochs F.C.)

Donald “Nomie “ Macdonald (Lochs F.C.)

Fraser Macleod (Back F.C.)

Robert Jones (Stornoway Athletic F.C.)

Meanwhile, the Co-op Cup quarter final, West Side v Lochs, will now be played on Saturday, June 18.

The match was to have been played on July 16 but clashed with the Jock Stein final which involves Westside, and possibly Lochs depending on the outcome of their semi with Point tonight (Monday).