New sponsor for Lochs FC

Ravenspoint manager Catriona with Lochs FC
Ravenspoint manager Catriona with Lochs FC

Ravenspoint, the centre run by Co Chomunn na Pairc in South Lochs, has recently added its backing to Lochs FC.

Based in the old village school in Kershader, Ravenspoint runs a shop, hostel, cafe and fuel service on behalf of the community and they have no sponsored the club’s new maroon polo shirts.

Lochs FC Chairman Calum Murdo Mackenzie said: “We are delighted as a club to have Ravenspoint on board with us as sponsors.

“Lochs FC repre4sents the whole community of Lochs and to have a South Lochs input into the club’s activities is vital to us.”

Ishbel Maclennan, chair of Co Chomunn na Pairc, added: “We’re really pleased to support our local football team and we wish them every success with their ventures both on and off the pitch.”

Pictured is Ravenspoint manager Catriona Nicolson handing over the new polo shirts to Calum Murdo with members of the current Lochs squad behind.