Getting the swing right

When top golf coach David Leadbetter says that he has a new swing to talk about, the coaching world pays close attention.

After all he is the man who brought teaching and coaching out of the dark ages. He is calling the new swing the A swing or alternative swing for golfers that don’t play often, yet like to play as well as they can when they do play.

One retired tour pro, claims that after only a few shots he feels as if he has been playing every day for a week. Now take a look at the first picture and I will explain all. The first change is to slightly weaken your right hand grip, simply move it anti-clockwise until the V points more towards your left shoulder. Normally it points towards your right one.

This now allows the right arm to remain more on top, as the takeaway begins. Note how my arm remains straighter, as the club travels back on a path that is bordering on being outside the line. Note also how the club face is still looking directly towards the ball, this is very important at this stage of the A swing.

Now have a look at the second picture, where my wrists have fully hinged up to stand the club up on it’s end with the shaft running slightly in front of my right shoulder. It is now in a very steep position. From here I will fully turn my left shoulder through 90 degrees and at the top my swing will be slightly shorter than normal, with my hands set at roughly shoulder height.

This will all feel more compact than normal. The whole idea behind this new A swing is to create a steeper backswing and a shallower downswing.

Leadbetter reckons that most golfers make such poor backswing movements, that they cannot help the over the top chronic slicers motion, that they habitually make. Leadbetter claims that his new A swing will help to cure slicers completely and make the game much easier to play consistently well. Like anything new it will take some time to completely master it, but actually I do feel as if it may well be good for certain players. Next week: The downswing.