Ghoulish surprise await lamplight runners

Pranks and seasonal surprises lying in wait for those coming along for the second Lamplight Run on Friday evening (4th November) will mark a whole new meaning of the term, Fun Run!

The run is intended to be a community/family evening run with lot’s of shocking fun for everyone running this “short Fun Run”! (But not too scary?)

Runners of all ages are invited to gather from 6.45pm at the Woodands Centre for a 7pm start.

There is no emphasis on first across the line, though there will be a prize for the runner with the best costume. Dependant on numbers running runners will be set-off in groups of between three and six and the groups will start in three minute intervals.

All runners’ will need to either wear a head torch or carry a hand held torch and very young runners will be accompanied by adults.

Any children coming without adult supervision will be put into a group with an adult.

As man’s “best friend” (the four legged canines) have such a keen sense of smell runners will not be permitted to take the family pet along.

You wouldn’t want to miss any unexpected surprises Fido may sniff out in advance after all!

Hot chocolate will be served at Woodlands after the run, some fireworks will be set off and the best dressed runner will get a prize.

Run costs are – Adults £3 and Children under 16 £2. Come along and see how fun is put into a run. A.Tupper