Go into the wild with Stornoway canoe club

STORNOWAY Canoe Club are amongst the stars of a new BBC ALBA Trusadh documentary ‘Slighe Dhan Fhàsaich’ (Into The Wild), produced by island-based company MacTV.

With the current worldwide population shift towards an urbanised existence, the benefits of getting back in touch with the natural landscape, and the lure of wild remote places has never been greater.

In following the characters who embrace these wild lands, the show will look at whether there’s a true wilderness left in an age where humans have altered so much of the landscape.

And Stornoway Canoe Club are to feature on Monday night’s show (December 5, 9pm) as they explore the rugged Lewis coastline and camp out on one of its many offshore islands.

Others starring include a young family who spend each Summer on the isolated island of Mingulay; an aspiring wildlife photographer and travel writer in remote Knoyart; a city based guidebook writer whose aim is to get people out to the wild places, and two sisters from Skye who have set up a wilderness boot camp.