Gotland to bid for 2017 Island Games

Gotland, Sweden’s largest island, has signalled today (Thursday) that it is to bid for the 2017 International Island Games.

The ten-strong Bid Committee have sent an official `Letter of intent´ to the IIGA General Secretary. Eight of the ten members appointed to the Bid Committee by the Board of the Gotland Sports Federation were involved in the bid for the 2015 Games and that experience will guarantee an even stronger bid now, it is hoped.

Bo Frykenstam, with long experience from the IIGA Executive Committee, has been appointed chairman. He was also chairman of the previous Bid Committee.

“I have strong confidence also in my new Committee, their knowledge of both our sports and the infrastructure for sport and large events is outstanding. We know what the athletes want to be able to perform at their best and we will do our utmost to meet their expectations. We are strongly supported by Gotland Municipality, the sports and all other parts of the Gotland community,” he commented.

The committee will be responsible for producing a Bid Document and for the promotion of our Bid on Member Islands.