Indoor action at Stornoway Bowling Club

bowls ali
bowls ali

The most recent competition to be played was the indoor pairs, with 13 teams participating with each match been played over eight ends.

The surprise team out of the hat was the pairing of John O’Connor and John Macaskill who were last year’s winners.

The first semi final was played between Margert Macleod and Penny Spinks against Mary Matheson and Alex Dan Campbell. The match started with Mary and Alex Dan winning the first two ends with a single shot in each end, Penny and Margert took the third end with three shots, only for the match to shift back in favour of Mary and Alex Dan with them scoring two shots in each of the fourth and fifth end.

Margert and Penny won the sixth with a single shot and Mary and Alex Dan took the seventh with a single to go into the final end leading seven shots to four.

In the last end Penny and Margert just missed out on the three shots they need to force and extra end, scoring two shots for Mary and Alex Dan to win seven shots to six .

The other semi final was played between John O’Connor and John Macaskill against Duncan Maclean and Duncan Macmillan. The Duncans took the first end with two shots and the Johns took the second with a single making the match look as if it was going to be a closely fought.

The third end was to turn out to be a surprise with the Duncans scoring a maximum eight shots. The Johns hit back taking two shots in fourth only to see the Duncans take the fifth end with six shots. The Johns won the sixth and seventh end with a single shot in each and they also won the final end with two shots , to see themselves win five of the eight ends and still lose the match sixteen shots to seven.

The final started well for the Duncans scoring five shots in the first, a single in the second, third and fourth ends. Mary and Alex Dan came back into the game in the fifth scoring two shots and a single in the sixth. The Duncans then took a single in the seventh and two shots in the final end to win by eleven shots to three.

The first of the short mat competitions to be completed was the short mat pairs which was won by Sheena Macdonald and John O’Connor, with them only droping a single point in their final match after them winning all the previous matches.

We would also like to thank Bernera Bowling Club for invinting us over for short mat match, and for their hospitality after an enjoyable evening bowling.

We also held our President versus Vice President charity night competition, in the first half of the match the presidents teams won by 42 shots to 18, the second half of the match was much closer with the president’s team winning by a single shot, 37 shots to 36 giving the president’s team an overall victory of 79 shots to 54.

To round of a busy weeks bowling 12 teams to part in the Kenny “Titan” Macdonald Memorial Triples Tournament in the Upper Coll Centre.

The final turned out to be an all Back affair with the team of Alex Cumming, Donald A Stewart and Malcolm John Macleod playing against James Macleod, Ali Maclean and Ivor Ferguson.

The first end ended with neither team scoring as the bowls from each team were touching the jack. The second end saw Ivor team scoring four shots and then go and score a further four shots in the third to go in to a convincing eight shot to nil lead.

Not taking this laying down Malky’s team hit back scoring three shots in the fourth and another three shots in the fifth.

In the final end with Ivor laying shot and with their own bowl laying a close second Malky was very unluckly to take out his own bowl with his final bowl, to leave Ivor’s team with two shots to win ten shots to six.

So congratulations to Ali, James and Ivor particulary for James as it was his brithday and also by far the youngest team member on the day .

Club members are also reminded the the club AGM will be held in the clubhouse at 7.30pm on Wednesday March 9th , it is hoped as many as possible will attend.

Pictured above are Ali Maclean, James Macleod and Ivor Ferguson following their win in the Kenny ‘Titan’ Macdonald Memorial Triples Tournament.