Lewis and Harris Fantasy Football Leaderboard

Stornoway Gazette Fantasy Football
Stornoway Gazette Fantasy Football

THE early scores are on the doors for the Stornoway Gazette’s Fantasy Football competition. So far scores are ONLY accrued for the first seven league matches with scores for Back v Point still to be added next week.

But we already have an early frontrunner in William Macritchie who has built up a strong nine-point cushion at the top of the pile.

There is still a long way to go with scores being updated weekly when Lewis and Harris league team sheets are returned on time.

Top 25: Skigerstars (William Macritchie) 90

Robbo’s Giants (Cal Robertson) 81

Murray’s Mavericks (Andy Murray) 81

Smithies Sensations (Shaun Smith) 80

Craig Whyte’s Superstars (Donald Macleod) 79

Chancers (Calum Macleod) 77

I Got 99 Problems But My Team Aint One (Martin Maclean) 77

Team Walrus (Martainn Shields) 77

Danka Team (Chris Adams) 76

Step Up And Play (Malcolm Macleod) 75

Lengakiki XI (Scott Maciver) 75

Two Goals . . . One Cup (Liam Coleman) 74

Walkering It (Ruth Walker) 72

Uaine Agus Dubh (Donald Macsween) 72

Bayern Bru (Alasdair Macleod) 72

Goldfish Bhoys (Murdo Macdonald) 72

China’s All-Stars (Kenneth Macleod) 72

The Danglers (Dan Crossley) 71

The Park Panthers (John Mackaskill) 70

Only One Nachon Novo (Andrew Murray) 70

AC a little silhouette of Milan (Donald Macsween) 69

The Lewis All-Stars (Donald Davison) 69

Gone in 90 Minutes (David Beaton) 69

The Siarachs (Innes Morrison) 68

Serves You Right XI (Kenny Macleod) 68