Lewis and Harris football cup draws

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Last night’s (Monday, November 25, 2013) Lewis and Harris Football Association AGM saw the cup draws concluded for the 2014 season.

Routes to the final in the Acres Boys Club Cup, the Jock Stein Cup and the Moldova Lewis Cup were each mapped out.

Full draws below.


First Round

Point vs Ness

Second Round

Back vs Athletic

Point/Ness vs Carloway

United vs Westside

Harris vs Lochs

Semi finals

Harris/Lochs vs United/Westside

Back/Athletic vs Point/Ness/Carloway


First Round

Lochs vs Carloway

Second Round

Lochs/Carloway vs Point

Ness vs Back

United vs Athletic

Harris vs Westside

Semi Finals

Lochs/Carloway/Point vs Ness/Back

United/Athletic vs Harris/Westside

Moldova Lewis Cup

First Round

Lochs vs Westside

Second Round

Lochs/Westside v Carloway

Athletic vs Back

Harris vs Point

United vs Ness

Semi Finals

Lochs/Westside/Carloway vs Harris/Point

Athletic/Back vs United/Ness