Michael Macmillan reflects on first international run for Scots

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Resting at home following his first run out with the Scotland vest, the third SRAC athlete this year to earn a national call-up, Michael Macmillan, was in buyont mood as he reflected on the experience.

Finishing fourth in his 1,500m race wasn’t where he hoped to place but considering a stop-start run up to the event twinned with a heavy cold, Macmillan is thrilled with things.

“It was great, a really good experience,” he said.

“I hadn’t done as much training for the race as I would have liked having injured my foot in Jersey (at the NatWest Island Games) so I’ve been trying to come back from that.

“I also have been suffering from a cold and it is very difficult to run with a cold like that but I really enjoyed the race.”

Macmillan has been running 400m and 800m in recent months but cranked up the mileage for the 1,500m to run for Scotland.

“This was only the second time I’ve run 1,500m,” he confessed.

“The first time I ran it I was first for Scotland at under-18 but it is a different kind of race. I was in contention for the first three laps and I was sitting in behind the two leaders.

“I was running well but I couldn’t kick on with the cold and I just didn’t have the energy. I was well positioned but the fitness wasn’t quite there.

“I was with the leaders until the final 200m before they left me behind.”