Fish of the Month

The 2011 salmon season, which opened in the Outer Hebrides on February 11th has had a few surprises for anglers that ventured out seeking a Spring fish, with the first salmon being caught on February 26th at Grimersta; Peter Ratcliffe, fishing a small black & yellow tube fly at the 1st Stream, landed and returned a fresh run 6lb fish.

This is the earliest fish recorded for decades. Unfortunately for Peter, The Catch & Release competition does not begin until March!

The first two entries for the Catch & Release competition came in April, and once again the 1st Stream, at the head of Grimersta’s No.1 Loch was the location for the second and third salmon of the 2011 season.

On Monday, April 4, Rory Paterson returned a 9lb hen fish which he hooked on a gledswood blue. Rory’s fish was followed the very next day by a 5lb fish which fell to the rod of Colin Macleod who was fishing a cascade. Colin also returned his fish. Since both successful anglers were also experienced Grimersta ghillies, and the fish were caught from the same Stream, the deciding factor went down to size and Rory’s magnificently conditioned fish was deemed the winner.

Well done to both Colin and Rory for returning their fish, something many anglers would have found difficult to do!

Congratulations to Rory for winning the April “Fish Of the Month” competition which has secured him tackle vouchers for £75 and the April “Fish of the Month” trophy. Rory’s April entry will be forwarded for the “Fish of the Season”, which will be judged in early November.