Kathryn Offer: ‘Best feeling in the world’

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The sound generated by her arrival into the restaurant at the Western Isles Jersey HQ of Hotel Cristina was loud enough to be heard at home on Lewis.

A jubilant fellow squad mate was so moved she decided to pipe her arrival on the bagpipes as the most deserving of medallists was acknowledged by her peers.

Kathryn Offer had feared this moment would never come. Having competed at all but one of the previous Island Games in which the Western Isles has entered she had come close, within hundreths of a second, from a place on the swimming podium.

SIX times the 24-year-old had been forced to settle for fourth place, and the tag of nearly, but not this time.

In Jersey though, Kathryn took to the pool with her game face on and her stroke in immaculate condition.

And she didn’t just splash onto the podium, she smashed the long standing Island Games record and blew her rivals out of the water to land a hugely coveted gold medal.

“I’m feeling ecstatic, knackered, but it is such a great feeling,” she beamed as the gold medal hung around her neck.

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