Kilphedar flier Kerry starring on World Cup stage

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Kerry MacPhee completed a hat-trick of World Cup rides with her best placing to date in Switzerland.

But the Kilphedar flier reckons she would have placed higher, and raced far better, but for tiredness in her legs as she raced just two days after helping the Western Isles team to glory in the NatWest Island Games.

Placing 51st in Lenzerheide, MacPhee continued to impress on what was her third World Cup race but she concedes she didn’t have enough left in the tank after what has been a gruelling schedule.

“I found it really tough,” reflected Kerry, “but I knew I would having raced twice already but you always hope the legs will come round but they just didn’t.

“Straight away I slipped a pedal and I was last off the line. The climbs were hard - percieved effort through the roof and I couldn’t get my HR up - and although technically I felt good, I just wasn’t aggressive enough. Despite this I totally buried myself and finished 51st.

“It was my highest finish yet but I won’t kid myself or you by hiding the fact it was also the smallest field yet. I was completely gubbed after the race, totally hit a wall and could barely make my way back to the van! A horrible feeling yet sadistically quite satisfying ad you know then you’ve given it some beans.”

Comparing riding on a global level in the World Cup to national events she commented: “In the British series I can get away with racing tired as I did with my fourth place finish at Cathkin 2 weeks ago and at the Island Games I got away with racing tired but at World Cup Level there is nowhere to hide!

“On the flip side, you can’t beat a learning experience and I’m getting to know my body pretty well now. I know when things aren’t right and I know I’ve managed to perform spectacularly sub-par at the very races I should be completely pinging for. However that makes things exciting too as the more learning I undertake, the more likely I am to get things right when they matter.”

Following her most recent World Cup adventure Kerry has spent a week in the Alps at a training camp in Morzine for Scottish Cycling.

“It’s been a brilliant Scottish Cycling training camp here in the Alps where we’ve been doing nothing but training and resting which has been fantastic.

“Out of all the camps I’ve done, this has probably been my favourite. Four of my rides have finished with an hour long climb back up to Avoriaz from Morzine and equally, every day has started with a long descent down to the valley!

“It also included some of the steepest climbs I’ve ever tried to get up, a bit of hike a bike and some spectacular untouched natural single track traversing across the mountains, even when I was pushing my bike I was grinning from ear to ear.

“What’s made me laugh here is that most of the riders you see are downhillers, so they wear a full face helmet, knee and arm pads, baggies and the push their bikes up climbs or get the uplifts to descend back down.

“I’m pretty sure when they were talking in French, they were saying “these stupid Scottish people, wearing lycra and cycling uphill.... why?!’

“I felt surprisingly good today too despite the big volume of training I have done but this I believe is simply because I have been able to rest after training rather than dash off to work. I’ve been really well looked after by the physio, I’ve been able to get more sleep than usual and I’ve eaten well. It really is the little things that make a big difference and I’m excited to rest up next week and hopefully get a good performance in at the British Champs.

“I’ve managed to stay pretty upright all week too apart from one wee off, onto my stitched knee and on the chin too. So I bust my already bust knee and took a chunk out of my chin too!

“Fortunately the stitches came out yesterday and I’ll have an ugly scar when it eventually heals but who doesn’t dig a cool scar with a good story to boot right?”