Mud, sweat and tears of Scottish Commonwealth mountain biker Kerry MacPhee

It's tough at the top - Kerry competing at the Kompressor Cup in Belgium last year. Photo Danny Zelck
It's tough at the top - Kerry competing at the Kompressor Cup in Belgium last year. Photo Danny Zelck

Kerry MacPhee is one of Gaeldom’s great sporting success stories – the girl from South Uist who turned her passion and natural ability for sport into her profession by becoming a full time athlete.

And in an hour-long documentary, BBC ALBA follows Kerry’s gruelling schedule in the lead up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games as she strains every sinew to race for Scotland

As a triathlete, Kerry had to master three different disciplines and in doing so, has experienced the ups and downs of life as an elite athlete but throughout has had one goal in sight – to compete for her country.

However, rather than trying to gain a place in the Scottish Triathlon squad, Kerry decided to focus on her strongest discipline and try to qualify for the Scottish Mountain Biking squad.

This inspirational documentary follows Kerry as she competes in as many events as her limited budget will allow – her aim being to meet the exacting criteria that’s required to put her in contention for a place on Team Scotland. The pressure was on and she had to make her mark at the big European competitions to get noticed – no mean feat.

However Kerry boosted her position by gaining third place on the podium in the Kompressor Cup MTB UCI at Houffalize, Belgium in 2013.

Only a little over a year ago Kerry competed in her first race as an elite mountain biker after making the switch from triathlon. and viewers gain an insight into Kerry’s determination as she competes in the British series at Hadleigh in Essex.

After gaining some strong results, she was offered a place with the Scottish Cycling Performance Programme – a real turning point in her bid to win a place at the Games.

The programme follows Kerry over the next year as she trains and competes across Europe - cycling up El Teide in Tenerife, competing against Olympians in Switzerland, and coping with disappointment in the Czech Republic.

The programme captures all her successes and failures throughout the year.

The BBC ALBA documentary, ‘Bliadhna Kerry’ (Kerry’s Year), is a real ‘against all odds’ story depicting the difficulties faced by a truly committed athlete.

Her rise from ‘new kid on the block’ to Commonwealth contender demonstrates the true tenacity and talent of a Scottish athlete determined to compete for her country.

‘Bliadhna Kerry’ has been produced by Caledonia TV and will be broadcast on BBC ALBA on Monday, July 28th, at 9pm and repeated on Tuesday, July 29th, at 10pm.